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October 28, 2005
Dr Merrell,
I am so thankful you were on call the night that I wasnt doing so well. I have been discharged from the nurses; I hope you enjoy this story.

November 3rd is a month a date to people, but to me is much more. Ill explain.

Last November 3rd 2004 I almost died because my colon was to explode inside of me, but it didnt have a chance too. Because a doctor was on call that day his name is Dr. Merrell and he saved my life. Im very thankful for him; even though my colostomy hasnt been easy life isnt easy itself.

I have been thinking about that date for awhile now, I was in Circuit City on September 25, 2005 and I was buying a camera and I couldnt move for a minute or so because I thought to myself this was the last store I came in before I knew that I was real sick but I forced myself to go on and buy the digital camera that I wanted.

November 2nd 2004 was the big election day to see what president wed get for the USA, my niece Hailey had come over that day and we were playing and I took a picture of her talking to my sister whom lives in Florida. My mom went to work so I stayed home listened to some music, after she came home we went to the mall and I was fine we came home I went to sleep early because I was tired.

November 3rd 2004 came, I could feel something was wrong but I wasnt sure what it was. So the day went by and around 12 I told my mom that I was in a lot of pain, so she put me in bed and gave me some pain medication but it didnt help. So she called 911 the ambulance came and brought me to the hospital. There they took x-rays and thats when they found out my colon was about to explode so they got a surgeon to come check me out. I was very scared; he told me that I would need a colostomy. I signed the papers to let him know that I had agreed to let him do what he needed to do. I came out of the operating room around nine pm and I asked my mom do I have the bag? she said yes. The next couple days were hard, because I had to get use to having the colostomy. I went home on November 12, 2004 it was a Saturday a nurse had come out to see me and got the papers ready for the nurses to come and see me for awhile.

October 27, 2005 Im alive, I still have my colostomy Im engaged now. Im in college, next semester Spring 2006 Im going to go take a class on campus. I havent done that since March 2005. Since the surgery November 3rd, 2004 I had a prolapse on December 10, 2004, I have had some stoma tissue taken out and my teeth worked on, but Im glad that Im alive and telling my story.

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