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since May 2004

My story is complicated, but would like to see what you think and also share with others.

I was born in August 1973. I was premature, weighing only 4 pounds. I was not a sickly child but had problems with my bladder and stomach pain. The stomach pains were put down to growing pains....urgg!

At the age of 17 I fell pregnant - all went well, apart from severe incontinence. After my 4th child was born in 2000 I started getting constipation and severe pain in the right side. I was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with appendicitis so this was whipped out.

Not long after that I started getting severe headaches and stomach pains again in the upper stomach and right side, no answers. Then in 2001 I woke up and thought I had the flu as my whole body felt like I had been hit by a truck. A blood test showed I had Hypothyroid Disease which is autoimmune.

Things improved slowly then in 2002 I had pain all over again in the joints and was told I have Fibromyalgia and told there is no cure.

I now I have:




Huge bowel problems,

Headaches, etc

I have had a barium enema done to see if there is anything wrong with my bowel and was told all clear. Have I got all these things wrong with me, or is it all down to a illness that has not been picked up? Puzzled I asked doctors and nurses and come up with nothing! I use a wheelchair as it is so painful to walk or stand etc. I have a urostomy which was carried out on the 29th Sept 03. I am so happy I am now in control, but still I am bleeding from my rear end and still get pain when I eat, sometimes I am very constipated and other times very loose.

I am still to this day searching for answers but banging my head against a very high wall.

Thanks for letting me share.


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